Retrieving data from Universalis

This page shows how you can incorporate text from Universalis into your own web page.

When you view it in your browser it will show you details of today's feast and the Gospel of the day.

On days when more than one Gospel is possible, only the first is shown. To see any of the others it would be necessary to go to the Universalis site.

How to adapt this page

You are free to copy any of the source code of this page (HTML or Javascript) into your own pages. If you look at the source code, you will see that it contains comments explaining how the code works and how to adapt it.

Please remember to include the copyright notice and also a link to or a link to the Mass Readings page.

For an example of a real-life page using data from the Universalis site, have a look at the First Sunday Plus page.

Content retrieved from Universalis




Today's feast

Today's Gospel



Click here for today's Mass readings from Universalis

Copyright notice

Technical data

Here is a list of the keys which were included in today's dictionary, as sent to the Javascript callback in this page. Do not include the Technical Data section in your pages, and remove the call to listOfKeys from your own callback, as indicated by the comments in the callback function on this page.